Wildlife is our Passion

I’m a South African that grew up with dogs as pets and a love for nature.

I always loved wildlife, but my absolute love for wildlife started with visits to a reserve called Tshukudu Game Lodge near Hoedspruit and their tame cheetah called Savanah. We, my sister and I, kept visiting that lodge until Savanah passed on. Killed by a lion. I was heartbroken. But the love affair with the bush and reserves and lodges continued. My sister was the photographer and I left it over to her to capture our memorable photos not interfering with her hobby. She got married and we didn’t travel together so much anymore. I realized I needed my own camera. Bought a small but good point and shoot with a nice zoom. I soon realised that I like taking photos. Of course, once the bug bit, I needed a bigger camera and better lens. It’s pretty addictive.

Wildlife conservation

I’m a huge fan of leopards. There is nothing that gets your heart pumping like finding an elusive, mystical leopard. My heart has always belonged to the cheetah Savanah and cheetahs are my favourite too. And then there are the endangered wild dogs that I adore. But once you know me, every animal
is a favourite. I mean, Zebra just makes the most beautiful photos.

I always thought rhinos were these big silent grass eating dinosaurs. Beautiful, gentle giants. Our own unicorns. When poaching became news and I’ve seen how they are slaughtered and heard the babies cries it ripped my heart and soul out of me. It’s unforgivable what is happening. These beautiful gentle sentinel beings need our help. I want to help them. And I’m going to try and do it with the one way I can. By making people aware of their plight and by donating to foundations that I trust with my photography. My goal is the be a photographer for endangered animals.

Because of my love for wildlife, and especially rhinos and their plight for help, I got involved in rhino conservation.

I’ve made the decision to start a shop to sell some of my photos on canvases, design some artistic goods with my photos and sell them from my shop and donate 20% towards conservation.  


How This Works

Buy one of our beautiful items

Designed with love for rhinos, our items are unique and

Receive your order

Your wildlife conservation item will be printed on demand and shipped to your location, no matter where you live.

Make rhinos happy

 All profit that we make with our shop will be donated to the Rhino Sanctuary and other wildlife conservation NGOs in need of support.